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Splosh Cams

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Have a fetish for splosh and want to live it out on live cam? Then be sure to check out our amazing online girls who love nothing more than to see you roll around in  a load of mess

The messier the better with this scenario. I have had many slaves rolling around in  custard, eggs, tomato sauce, whipped cream and the list goes on

To get paper plates and cover them in  all sorts of crap then slap them in your face or to pour buckets of gunge over you, or even better to have you lying in a bath naked or in your sissy outfit and buckets of gunge poured on you and you are left there. This is one sure way to entertain a girl when she can just cover you in crap!

I have to admit i had so much fun sploshing this slave, covering him custard and in particular because he had on a chastity device as well which meant he could not even get excited by the whole thing

Now that is cruel i know but for me as  mistress i loved the torment, making him lye on his stomach and rub his cock against the gunge gave me so much pleasure.

Splosh is a very popular request and one i have done  often and i have to admit i find it a lot of fun. I love fetishes but this one is entertaining, amusing and so humiliating for the fetishist or sub.

I made this slave sit on the chair as i spent over an hour pushing paper plates full of custard,cream, eggs, and colourings they were pushed into his face

on top of his head as well as at his cock and balls, every plate made me laugh even more at  him.

Some sploshed slaves enjoy verbal humiliation with it as well. Calling them names or even dressing them up as you splosh them.

The messier for this scenario the better. I prefer at least 40 buckets full of gunge and a whole day of sploshing a slave.This   is  a lot of fun for a female to watch that messy gunge drip of her male partner is hillarious for us

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