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Panty sniffing Fetish

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Panty Sniffing

This is another huge  area, many guys love to smell a girls knickers and in particular used ones she has worn for many days. There is a huge market for this, girls selling their underwear on online adult auction sites and to be honest i was involved  in it myself many years ago.

I have thousands of them all over the world that i used to send to horny panty sniffing guys. If you view live girls on cam below some of them will send you on their knickers  they are wearing if you ask nicely and maybe tip them. You can see the cams below ….. But keep reading i have loads to discuss about the whole arena.

Panty girls who want you to sniff their lingerie

So you like to sniff girls underwear? The minute your wife or girlfriend leaves the house you head straight for her dirty laundry basket to dig out some used ones to sit and smell to smell her scent from them  makes your cock rock  hard. I bet you  ejaculate all over them  or if you are a manwho likes to wear them.

Perhaps a dream of yours is for other men to smellyour wives used knickers, or to even  sell her lingerie. How do i know all this? I know every fantasy there is to know about the whole arena as i have heard every day for the last 15 years on live webcam. So many horny men who just love to smell a girls used thong , to rub their cocks against the crotch, to taste them, smell them and lick them ..

You look at girls online wearing underwear and you imagine

1. How long they have had them on for

2 How they smell right at that moment

3 Are they damp.

4 how close they are to her pussy

5 does she rub  them

6 as she had sex and dribbled in them.

These are just some of the questions a guy  has and thinks about every day. They don’t just want to delve into the pussy they have a huge turn on for the actual underwear and how close it is to the pussy and to taste it… It feels naughty, It feels dirty, but it feels good!


Has it happened to you? That awful moment when your girlfriend or wife, or even the neighbour walks in and catches you sniffing lingerie? I have chatted with many guys who have been caught red handed with their tongue on the crotch of a pair of knickers, sometimes these guys will steal from a washing line or even take prostitutes or escorts lingerie home  with them. They have told me it is a heart stopping moment and how do you explain this? You have to just be honest, it is a fetish guys! It’s in you and it wont leave so you may as well fess up!

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