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Crossdressing fetish

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This is a huge and very popular niche and one that is requested more often than any other.

Men who like to dress up in women’s clothes.

This can start from an early age for guys or later on in life.

In my experience  when chatting with cross-dressers  most of them have told me it started from a young age where they had the need to experiment and try different things and as they got older the urges got more.

They liked how pretty girls clothes looked, they liked the pretty socks girls wore or the pretty panties they wore, they found men’s things boring.

They would possibly try on their mom or sisters clothes when ever they could, they would experiment with all things “pretty” and “girly” and then before they know it  they are thinking about it all the time.

This is how a fetish tends to start  slowly growing  inside your head, till it starts to be the only thing you think about and the only thing that gives you the best sexual arousal. If i am describing you then read on. Or perhaps you have got into this in older years and  just find it a bit kinky and naughty but you are more interested in wearing womens  panties and enjoy the whole men wearing panties.

A  lot of them dabble and some of them take it more serious and can move on to take hormone tablets or have the operation.

Some pictures below of some crossdressers i have known and met in real life many times when i had a sissy /crossdresser  dressing service.

So why do guys do it then?

Great question and one i will try my hardest to answer and hope it helps some of you out who are curious about this whole thing. I have known many males who love to dress up in women’s clothes in fact they cannot function properly day to day if they do not at least once in that day come into contact with some item of female clothing, some will wear panties to work under clothes some will go online and find a webcam host or others will just look at some porn to do with it, but they have to have that contact.

I have asked many of them over the  years why they do it and what started it and the answers i got are below.

1) They felt they were trapped in the wrong body

2) They think  men’s clothes  are boring

3) It is kinky

4) Sister dressed them up as a girl as a child and although they found it humiliating they also found it arousing

5) they prefer the feel of women’s clothes better

6) if they are single it makes them feel close to a female

7 ) they want to let out the female inside them ( they feel she is trapped)

8) They are submissive and they like to be dominated and humiliated and to wear women’s clothes is embaressing to them and it feels naughty, but it excites them they love to be humiliated about it as it turns them on and that is the whole point of it ( it turning them on)

9) They are indeed Transexuals. A Transexual feels deep down that they were born into the wrong body, they hate wearing anything masculine and they will crossdress  as a stepping stone into  a full transition into female life

10)Some it is just the thrill of it, it makes them feel sexy, naughty, and very excited.

Many have told me it helps them escape from their daily stressful lives and for some i have spoken to on webcam it is just an urge, they feel horny and they wear panties or full ladies attire, they want you to tell them how sexy they are they play and behave like a girl,or perhaps they love the humiliation of it.

When it is all over they feel deep down they want to stop it. I have lost track of the amount of folks who once the hormones levels go back down again they want to quit they have a need to stop, and they feel it is out of control. I have to stay many of them fail to stop because it is like an addiction and it is not any different from any other addiction.

If wearing panties and stockings gives you a better orgasm and you love the whole thrill of dressing up and letting the girl inside you out  and then you try and stop and do not involve this, it does not feel right.

I have spoken to a lot of girly guys on this subject who have told me even vanilla sex with a gf they have in their own heads about wearing panties ( this is those who are closet dressers)

A great resource can be found here understanding crossdressing

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