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Most common Fetishes -On Webcam

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Most common Sexual Fetishes

Over the years of chatting online to many fetishists i have  gathered information  to share with you about the most asked for requests for sexual fetishism. These are requests that were asked of me or other girls and in particular those in the bdsm cam scene  . I am starting them as in their popularity and requests that i had on a daily basis. Most Popular listed first. I will go into detail on the weirdest ones i have encountered on another page

painted toenails, sexy feet, hot foot fetish

sexy painted toenails


1) foot worship, feet fetish porn and foot sex is some of the names this is known by, this is probably one of the biggest ones and without a doubt the most requested one. The person loves to look at them,lick them,suck toes, lick soles and some times have feet rubbing all over their genitals.With some it does not matter if it is dirty  in fact some of them love the idea of dirty smelly ones to lick and play with.

Freud suggested some people develop this because a foot resembles a penis ( i am not sure how he came up with that) however it is without a doubt one of the more popular ones.

This can also involve socks, pantyhose, stockings and shoes or boots.

I have always said you can turn anything into a fetish if you think about it often enough.

It is a hard one to dissect why people like particular things in particular the weird fetishes but i have always felt it relates to something from a childhood experience.


smoking show, lipstick cams,

Mistress wearing lisptick for smoking show

This is a very popular one as well, i have had many requests for smoking sessions  . This is also known as ( capnolagni) the sight of seeing someone smoke  can be hugely arousing to the fetishist.

The reasons why some folks have this vary from individual to individual. It could be because you just like to watch a beautiful women blowing smoke or it could be that the person smoking shows they have confidence. The  movements made when smoking and blowing can be a huge turn on.

 It is also known that a few fetishists do induldge in the fantasy of the whole addictive side of the nicotine and how that can be harmful, you only need to read the back of some of the packets and the warnings to see that.

There is a well known subfetish  in regards to the effects and harm that smoking can cause people, this has been known as the black lung 

See video below on the black lung fetish

Cigarette smoking 

Is by far one of the most popular requests on a daily basis for any female working in the adult entertainment side of things, either by live webcam or by making video clips or email requests, even phone sex lines are busy with this request.

Bdsm side of smoking

I have known many subs who have this but they also have the need to be a human ashtray. The thought of a dominant women blowing smoke at them or using their mouth as an ashtray is  very arousing for them.

I will go into more detail on this fetish on a separate page .

3) Spanking 

spanking fetish, erotic spanking fetish, spanking fetish webcams

Spanking fetish, slave being spanked

I always think this one comes from childhood memories of being spanked by some one in an authority figure whether it be parents, school teachers or family members, this is left ingrained in the persons head and they have many fantasies about it when growing up.It’s a form of discipline  This is a huge subject to get into and since this blog is aimed more towards the adult side we will go on to discuss the erotic spanking side

Erotic spanking

Is a person spanking another person for sexual arousal, either using their hand or a paddle, role plays can be involved in this such as age play and Bdsm mistress /slave play, school teacher and so on.

4) Cross-dressing/sissy/tranny,shemale,

crossdresser fetish, crossdressing fetishist


This is a huge fetish ,and deserves a page of it’s own. Men who enjoy dressing up in women’ clothes, shoes, lingerie and make up. They like to feel girly or slutty and tend to enjoy other things like sex toys ( butt plugs) and role plays of being the naughty girl or the sissy maid.

There is a lot of reasons why men crossdress and one of them is the fact they do not feel they were born into the right body and from childhood they probably dabbled in female clothes ( either their moms, sisters, friends)  to experiment.I have spoken to a lot of men who like to dress up as women on crossdresser cam chats

More details on crossdressing fetish here

5) Bdsm 

Another very popular one with mistress and slave or Master and slave scenario. There is always a dominant and a submissive it is all about control the control of the dominant over the submissive

What does bdsm stand for

It stands for bondage, domination and submission, sadism and masochism you can read more about what is bdsm here

It can be a one off thing that a couple try it can be part time  or it can be a lifestyle for some people.It is  all about power and staying with in the boundries of the submissives comfort zone.Power and control are the two main ingredients here.

The words “Safe,Sane and Consenual” are used with in the arena.

When in a  show with a host for this there is many different things you can try and  i will be adding pages to explain each one of these different niches. However for now the requests that are asked for often are

sissy humiliation, cbt , tease and denial,chastity key holder,blackmail scenario, financial domination,strap-on training, small penis humiliation, this is just a few of the more popular ones .


6) Adult baby /diaper lovers

Another massive one, this is a grey area for some sites because the word “baby” is used people think it is an illegal topic when in fact it is not any different than any other , adult babies are just guys or girls who never really grew up, they love to de- stress away from normal hectic stressful lives and go back to their childhood where perhaps things were a lot easier for them, some of them will dress up in baby outfits and some will just want humiliation ( comes from a childhood experience usually) or it is just a form of escaping. This tends to come with those who like wearing diapers and although the two sound similar that is actually very untrue .

I have spoken to many  who do not want any adult baby scenario they just love the look and feel of the diaper they have on. It feels secure and they can sometimes feel naughty and kinky wearing this, some of them like to wear them for the whole humiliation side of it, some like to wear for convenience  there is many reasons why guys will wear diapers or why some are into the whole adult baby niche.

I have to be honest and say i have always enjoyed spending time with them who visit my cam room, they are a very relaxed chilled out bunch and good fun to chat to. They just want to be told ho much of a good boy or bad boy they are  some love the whole nurturing side  and some want the whole humiliation side.

7) Outfits and role-play

Another huge request is always outfits for example, pvc.latex and leather are always very popular requests as well as nurse, schoolgirl, school teacher,maid or even boss

A lot of guys just love to role-play and they like it  to feel real so usually they request the outfit to go with it.

Forced bi sexuality 

8) Now i am in no way saying this is a big fetish but it is certainly one i was asked for many times a day on webcam which is bi-curious guys and forced bi sexual scenarios.

This is very popular as so many people out there have this as a fantasy they know they will probably NEVER  live it out but they love the whole role-play of it, being forced to suck a cock, being forced to suck a tranny cock, being pimped out by a mistress or master.

There is so many people out there who think about bi-sexuality all day long and coming to webcam helps a lot. they may not have a cock to suck but they love to discuss what it would be like to suck one. Some want to be verbally abused and humiliated about it, some want to just discuss what it would be like as it has been a huge part of them for many years. Majority will never live it out

9) Watersports on cam

A lot of webcam sites have a problem with this particular one and it is a no no on most of them, how ever discussing it i see no problem with.

I have known many subs who just adore this  they love golden showers and to have a female pee on them, either over their body or directly into their mouths.

A  lot of submissives find this the ultimate way of submission. Some people like to just watch a girl using a toilete or outside in public crouching down , pulling panties down and peeing, others like to see a person just wet themselves through their clothes, and a lot like to use it for the whole humiliation side of things. The whole wetting part is the actual fetish.

I have known many guys online who not only like urinating and drinking it or playing with it but those who also love the whole poop and they actually save them up to play with.

I remember a sub telling me a story one day he had a huge fetish for poop. so much so that he bought some online from adult auction site. The girl sent a big package to him but she did not package it right so it ended up exploding in the post mans van. Needless to say the postie was not a happy man and reported him as apparently this was the second time it had happened !

10) Giantess  ( Mactophilia)

This involves the person ( fetishist)  liking to be dominated by a much larger person, he likes to think of himself as tiny so small that he could fit in your shoe. He likes to think you may stand or crush him or pick him up and put him in your pocket.They just love the idea of being dominated by a larger person.It can relate to you telling him you will put him between your tits(  because he is so small) or you may  just eat him. This again is one i have been asked for a few times, i even had to send one guy my shoe so he could set up home in it !



More to follow ..

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