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Tongue fetish cams – Pictures of girls tongues

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So you like tongues?

Looking to watch sexy girls on webcam showing them off to you. Tongue mouth and throat is another popular request

many guys have asked me on numerous occasions to show mine, wiggling it, holding it up or letting saliva drip of it.

The three usually come together however i have also came across many teeth fetishists on cam who like to look at teeth

for fillings, lost teeth and crowns. They also like to be told stories about dentist appointments

It may seem strange to some people but each of us are who we are we are all unique

this is what makes the world interesting. Fetishes have  and always will be around

If you want to see some Live tongue, mouth and throat cams then click below.


This is pretty unheard of to be honest if you search around you will see there is not many websites about it when in fact it is a pretty popular one,  a lot of people do have enjoy this and do not even realise it.

Foot and boob  everyone thinks is fine but mention tongues and belly buttons and people presume you are “strange or weird”

Why is that? Why is it any different from any other ?

The tongue is  the only part of the females body that you do not see much of unless sexually.

Many guys can get turned on by a girl sticking it out at them ( its a form of flirting) or when they think about it on their genitals

They are sexy and they can be a huge turn on to the fetishist the same as any other .When  someone on webcam asks us girls to stick it out  there could be many reasons behind this

1) They are imagining what it be like to french kiss with you

2) They like to think about it round their cock

3) Some will ask for you to let saliva drip from it ( you know why with this one)

4) Some like it as humiliation  for example a dominant woman sticking it out out and telling you to get lost!

some people like long  or wide  and  like to watch a girl wiggle it around or even lick her lips.

Now how many people can deny they do not find a girl licking her lips sexy?

If you find any of the pictures below sexy, then perhaps you like a girl with a sexy one more than you thought!




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