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Girls Wearing rubber on cam

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Rubber fetish

Very popular area is this one and to watch girls on webcam wearing it for you is a huge turn on



How much of a turn on is it so see a sexy woman wearing a this outfit. Even the smell of it would drive a lot of fetishists wild. It looks good on a girl tight fit and shows off every curve in her body. This is why some of us get fetishes for this type of  attire. Nothing better than watching a girl  live wearing her hot outfit, and gas mask  while she plays with her toys online.


Some people get pvc and rubber mixed up they see the shiny clothes and presume that it is rubber, but pvc is a lot harder than it when touching it. It is very thin and can rip easily if you are not careful with it.The look and feel of it  can be very arousing  for the person either wearing it or viewing someone else wearing it.

I used to speak to a guy online who wore his  to bed he also had sheets and pillows and wore pants to his work as he just had the need to feel close to it in his daily life. Now i am not saying all rubberists   do this but a few i have chatted with have always had to have it on when in any type of bdsm scene or fetish scene.

Anal, electrics and poppers

This is a huge area and i tend to find those rubberists are almost always involved with the whole bdsm scene and they enjoy a bit of bondage and sniffing poppers.Now i am in no way saying poppers are safe to use but you can buy them from your local sex shops or online but 90% of rubberists i have seen have always had to use bondage, poppers anal and butt plugs as well as poppers. ( they all seem to go hand in hand)

So if you are looking for a girl wearing rubber  then you have found the right place. These women love to put it on you and watching them put it on can almost be as horny as them having it on. Watching them oil it up with that special  spray, listening to it as they  squeeze into it and what better sight than a busty girl wearing rubber and showing some cleavage. Or when she pouts her ass out towards you and you can see how tight it is around her. This is indeed what drives guys crazy.







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