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Ok so let’s be honest, the adult baby is a huge one for many folks out there and I have to admit I do enjoy the whole adult baby side of things.

Dressing a guy or girl up in little frilly dresses or pampers and then treating them like a big baby. Either through humiliation or just being kind to them and teaching them. Some guys just never grow up! I see no harm in this and it is adults so I have made this page because I do believe it is a very strong enjoyment for some people and a VERY popular one. I have dealt with many adult babies online over the years.

I watched a programme on tv recently all about adult babies and it was fantastic some of the items of furniture these fetishists had gathered and made.  Here is another video a documentary all about the adult baby arena. So many do not understand this one and it is no different from any other.

If you want to have an adult baby webcam session with me then do stop by my video chat rooms. I do understand that not every adult baby wants a Mistress so I can be whoever you want me to be for your cam show

I have met many Adult babies both online and offline and have selected a few pictures. I have always enjoyed this particular one and love the diaper lover one so no matter what side of this you enjoy do stop in and chat to me or book some time with me on live cam.

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Adult baby playing on the computer

adult baby

Adult baby fetish

There are just so many different types of things people enjoy adult baby is no different from any other like balloon fetish or any other type of popular niche.

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